Cylinder Fills: Fill Type Used For What You Need
     Air Scuba You need a Open Water Diver certification card (or higher qualification) by a recognised training agency.
Air Rifles You need an appropriate licence and a statutory declaration stating that the cylinder is used for non diving activities (unless a Scuba licence is also provided).
Safety Breathing Aparatus Anyone can have a Safety Breathing Aparatus cylinder filled.
Nitrox Scuba You need an appropriate certification for the mix being requested.  Recreational nitrox is to 40% oxygen.  For higher concentrations of oxygen, technical diving certifications are required.

The Following Conditions Apply:

For all cylinder fills, an appointment is required, so please phone first.  Cylinders will be filled to their working pressure only.  Working pressures to 300 Bar can be handled.  DIN and Yoke fittings can be accommodated.

If you require a Nitrox fill, it is imperative to call at least a couple of days prior to ensure that appropriate quantities of Oxygen are on hand.  If you are not sure of the appropriate mix for your dive, ask and we will assist with a recommendation.  All Nitrox Cylinders will be marked with MOD, the PP of Oxygen for the depth (recreational users are restricted to 1.4 PP of oxygen at the MOD) at the time of filling.  We partial fill the cylinder with oxygen first, hence all Nitrox cylinders must be Oxygen Clean.  We can clean cylinders if needed.

Cylinders must be “In Test” according to their use.  All wet cylinders are required to be tested every 12 months.  If in doubt call us and we will assist you in determining the test requirements for your cylinder.